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It was the most convulted, ridiculous piece of logic I'd heard in awhile... It was something I would have come up with.

Richelle Mead

#rose-hathaway #sacrifice

Honor, I thought. For real: the guardians should have taught it. Because I hadn't learned it.

Richelle Mead


No one had ever called me unnatural before, except for the time I put ketchup on a taco. But seriously, we'd been out of salsa, so what else was I supposed to do?

Richelle Mead

#richelle-mead #rose-hathaway #vampire-academy #blood

That's what I was supposed to say...

Richelle Mead

#rose-hathaway #blood

And so, surpassing my own records for dangerous, reckless behavior, I ripped off Sonya's bracelet. "I'm Rose Hathaway.

Richelle Mead

#rose #sacrifice

Thank you," Catherine said, the smile still hovering on her lips. "That is very kind of you, my lord. But I will never dance with you." Which, of course, made it the goal of Leo's life.

Lisa Kleypas

#humor #romance #life

Was this all part of your plan as my lawyer? I don't recall explosive escapes being part of the legal training." "Well, I'm sure it wasn't part of Damon Taru's legal training.

Richelle Mead

#last-sacrifice #rosemarie-hathaway #sacrifice

We can retreat and retreat and let ourselves get backed into corners forever,” she’d said once. “Or we can go out and meet the enemy at the time and place we choose. Not them.” Okay, Tasha, I thought. Let’s see if your advice gets me killed.

Richelle Mead

#rose-hathaway #tasha-ozera #advice

That's a dangerous look," said Dimitri, giving me a brief glance before returning his eyes to the road. "What look?" I asked innocently. "The one that says you just got some idea." "I didn't just get an idea. I got a great idea.

Richelle Mead

#last-sacrifice #rosemarie-hathaway #vampire-academy #sacrifice

Sometimes talking to you is like talking to myself: pretty damned annoying.

Richelle Mead

#hathaway #last #mazur #rose #sacrifice

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