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I will go, once I have said what I came here to say. I will never shrink from the anger in your eyes- you can't destroy me. Listen to me closely: the man you have sought for so long, proclaiming, cursing up and down, the murderer of Laius- he is here. A stranger, you may think, who lives among you, he soon will be revealed a native Theban but he will take no joy in the revelation. Blind who now has eyes, beggar who now is rich, he will grope his way toward a foreign soil, A stick tapping before him step by step. Revealed at last, brother and father both to the children he embraces, to his mother son and husband both - he sowed the loins his father sowed, he spilled his father's blood! Go in and reflect on that, solve that. And if you find I've lied from this day onward call the prophet blind.

Robert Fagles Sophocles

#eloquent #incest #pain #prophecy #prophet

After they broke up, Renaldo's ex girlfriend said to never again date an older woman. And he wisely listened to her, because his mother only had his best interest in mind.

Jarod Kintz

#incest #dating

The survivor movements were also challenging the notion of a dysfunctional family as the cause and culture of abuse, rather than being one of the many places where abuse nested. This notion, which in the 190s and early 198s was the dominant understanding of professionals characterised the sex abuser as a pathetic person who had been denied sex and warmth by his wife, who in turn denied warmth to her daughters. Out of this dysfunctional triad grew the far-too-cosy incest dyad. Simply diagnosed, relying on the signs: alcoholic father, cold distant mother, provocative daughter. Simply resolved, because everyone would want to stop, to return to the functioning family where mum and dad had sex and daughter concentrated on her exams. Professionals really believed for a while that sex offenders would want to stop what they were doing. They thought if abuse were decriminalised, abusers would seek help. The survivors knew different. P5

Beatrix Campbell

#abusers #child-abuse #crime #criminal #dysfunctional-family

I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they?

Jess C. Scott

#cool #desire #erotic #erotica #funny

Ninety-six per cent of juvenile prostitutes are fugitives from abusive domestic situations; 66 per cent began working before they turned 16. (Prostitution is their only perceived means of survival.) Millions of children work as prostitutes around the world. A third are male. One study revealed that over 50 per cent of prostitutes are the children of alcoholics or substance abusers, and 90 per cent are deflowered through incest or rape. Ninety-one per cent of prostitutes do not speak of the abuse. (The truth of life is told through the language of behavior.) Abused children suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, guilt, self-destructive impulses, suspicion, fear. Seventy-five per cent of prostitutes attempt suicide. (Imagine their scrapbook of memories.)

Antonella Gambotto-Burke

#children-of-alcoholics #fear #guilt #incest #juvenile-prostitutes

Gay men! And it's incest! With the same face!

Bisco Hatori

#incest #ouran #shiro #men

London is a small place, and it is very incestuous. People know where you live. Everybody is sort of on top of each other.

Jeanette Winterson

#everybody #incestuous #know #live #london

If you're more concerned about our reputation than about me, then I'll just withdraw and not have a family anymore. p.32

Greggory R. Reid


The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark.

Jack Anderson

#between #big #big business #dark #government

I think that one of the problems that jazz has is that it's so incestuous that it's starting to kill itself.

Branford Marsalis

#i think #incestuous #itself #jazz #kill

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