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As for your punishment, Midwife, you’ll receive the standard penalty for treason. We’re disbarring you from Our psyche. Put him on the next neurotransmitter bound for the temporal lobe. He can spend the rest of his days quivering in fear and wavering between short and long-term memory.

Benson Bruno

#funny #midwifery #treason #funny

If women lose the right to say where and how they birth their children, then they will have lost something that's as dear to life as breathing.

Ami McKay

#homebirth #inspirational #life #midwifery #political

Remember this, for it is as true and true gets: Your body is not a lemon. You are not a machine. The Creator is not a careless mechanic. Human female bodies have the same potential to give birth well as aardvarks, lions, rhinoceri, elephants, moose, and water buffalo. Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.

Ina May Gaskin

#childbirth #midwifery #life

There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we

Ina May Gaskin

#midwifery #poppin-out-babies #men

I'm falling in love with you. What else do you want?' 'That your drowning under the weight of it-love, passion. Like you would die for each other.' 'that's the stuff of nonsense. It's for novels and the pictures. It's not real Jenny. What we can have, that's what's real. A home, a family, a good life together.' 'You think I haven't thought that, tried to make it enough? You are a wonderful man, Jimmy, and I... Everything in my brain is telling me that this is the right thing' 'then what else?' 'my heart wants what it had before.' 'before? What, this... Phantom love?How could I not know? You look at me and there's someone else you want to see. For me, it's just you. So that's it? Your shutting yourself off to everything else because of something you can never have. We could have enough, Jenny.' 'Well for a year, perhaps, before you realised you loved more than I did you. I would hate that. That's why you'll be my friend but never my soulmate. And we both deserve soulmates.

Jennifer Worth

#old-love #family

Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.

Johannes Kepler

#daughter #feel #her #i #i feel

The midwife considers the miracle of childbirth as normal, and leaves it alone unless there's trouble. The obstetrician normally sees childbirth as trouble; if he leaves it alone, it's a miracle.

Sheila Stubbs

#doctor #intervention #life #midwifery #life

Like a midwife, I make my living bringing new babies into the world, except that mine are new advertising campaigns.

David Ogilvy

#babies #bringing #campaigns #except #i

The artist's job, I think, is to be a conduit for mystery. To intuit it, and recognize that the story-germ has some inherent mystery in it, and sort of midwife that mystery into the story in such a way that it isn't damaged in the process, and may even get heightened or refined.

George Saunders

#conduit #damaged #even #get #heightened

One way to measure a particular doctor's openness and attitude toward women in general is simply to ask about the doctor's opinion of midwifery.

Marsden Wagner

#midwifery #attitude

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