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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #nightmare

I don't mind being a permanent nightmare for the United States.

Evo Morales

#i #mind #nightmare #permanent #states

It was a nightmare. The band had to tour Greenland by bus.

Fred Schneider

#bus #greenland #had #nightmare #tour

Must have been some kind a nightmare.” “Yeah,” I answer, my usual calm, vacant voice returning. “Can’t wait to wake up.

K.A. Tucker

#dream #k-a-tucker #nightmare #sleep #ten-tiny-breaths

He smelled like alcohol and a bad dream.

Nenia Campbell

#fear #michael #nightmares #scary #dreams

The stuff of nightmare is their plain bread. They butter it with pain. They set their clocks by deathwatch beetles, and thrive the centuries. They were the men with the leather-ribbon whips who sweated up the Pyramids seasoning it with other people's salt and other people's cracked hearts. They coursed Europe on the White Horses of the Plague. They whispered to Caesar that he was mortal, then sold daggers at half-price in the grand March sale. Some must have been lazing clowns, foot props for emperors, princes, and epileptic popes. Then out on the road, Gypsies in time, their populations grew as the world grew, spread, and there was more delicious variety of pain to thrive on. The train put wheels under them and here they run down the log road out of the Gothic and baroque; look at their wagons and coaches, the carving like medieval shrines, all of it stuff once drawn by horses, mules, or, maybe, men.

Ray Bradbury

#greed #horror #nightmares #slavery #sweat

Now I think I understand how this world can overcome a man.

James Sullivan

#fiction #james #james-sullivan #music #nightmare

My Manager forced me to put my beetle in my own ear, a clear waste and an act that gave me nightmares: of a burning city through which giant carnivorous lizards prowled, eating survivors off of balconies. In one particularly vivid moment, I stood on a ledge as the jaws closed in, heat-swept, and tinged with the smell of rotting flesh. Beetles intended for the tough, tight minds of children should not be used by adults. We still remember a kinder, gentler world.

Jeff Vandermeer

#fantasy #new-weird #nightmares #new-adult

The part of me which wanders through my mind and never sees or feels actual objects, but which lives in and moves through my passions and my emotions, experiences this world as a horrible nightmare.

Jack Henry Abbott

#emotions #experiences #feels #horrible #lives

The question of sexual dominance can exist only in the nightmare of that soul which has armed itself, totally, against the possibility of the changing motion of conquest and surrender, which is love.

James A. Baldwin

#armed #changing #conquest #dominance #exist

I can't find my car keys in the morning. Trying to get out of my house is a nightmare. "Where's my wallet? Where are my keys? I have to go find a missing person."

Anthony LaPaglia

#car keys #find #get #go #go find

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