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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #politeness

That survival instinct, that will to live, that need to get back to life again, is more powerful than any consideration of taste, decency, politeness, manners, civility. Anything. It's such a powerful force.

Danny Boyle

#any #anything #back #civility #consideration

Politeness. Now there's a poor man's virtue if ever there was one. What's so admirable about inoffensiveness, I should like to know. After all, it's easily achieved. One needs no particular talent to be polite. On the contrary, being nice is what's left when you've failed at everything else. People with ambition don't give a damn what other people think about them.

Diane Setterfield

#inoffensiveness #politeness #poor

This was our last night. We only had one curtain call, Bree. And I thought they were going to give us a standing ovation, but no-o-o-. Do you know why half the audience stood up?" "To get a head start on the traffic," Bree said. "To get a head start on the traffic," Antonia agreed in indignation. "I mean, here we are, dancing and singing our little guts out, and all those folks want to do is get to bed early. I ask you, whatever happened to common courtesy? Whatever happened to decent manners? Doesn't anyone care about craft anymore? And on top of that, it's not even nice.

Mary Stanton

#disappointment #expectations #humor #performance #play

Always be nice to people to their face. Then when they turn around, berate the back of their head.

Benson Bruno

#humor #politeness #funny

A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.

Haruki Murakami

#gentleman #gentlemen #inspirational #manners #motivational

As a Texan, I say ma'm and sir to my age contemporaries and open doors for anyone that I can. This goes for men, too, though it is appreciated when they beat me to it and disappointing when they don't.

Tiffany Madison

#chivalry #kindness #manners #men #men-and-women

I'm a shreddermouf, aren't I?' 'I was afraid of that,' said Tansy. He was going to keep her in his larder until he was hungy again, and then he was going to rip her apart. 'Dis is my lair', said the shreddermouth proudly. 'It's de best lair in Tiratattle.' 'Is it?' said Tansy. 'Oh yes. It's a drainage tunnel. Goes right up to de surface, it does. Lots of storage space. My name's Gulp.' 'Tansy,' said Tansy, deciding not to ask him what he kept in his storage space and wondering whether introductions were quite the thing.

Elizabeth Kay

#hopeless-situation #humor #introductions #lair #men-eating-monster

Virtue, perhaps, is nothing more than politeness of soul.

Honore de Balzac

#nothing #perhaps #politeness #soul #than

Art requires neither complaisance nor politeness; nothing but faith, faith and freedom.

Gustave Flaubert

#complaisance #faith #freedom #neither #nor

Reading at meals is considered rude in polite society, but if you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects.

Stephen King

#norms #politeness #reading #society #writing

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