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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #publishing

Don't ask me what it means; ask me how it felt.

Jill Telford

#poems #poetry #self-publishing #art

Compassion is a beautiful grace that releases hate and fearful emotions. Through the power of compassion, when put in delicate circumstances with dysfunctional human beings, rather than loathing their behaviour, you can be compassionate to their internal suffering and love them unconditionally.

Christopher Dines

#christopher-dines-quotes #la-petite-fleur-publishing #manifest-your-bliss #beauty

Contract law is essentially a defensive scorched-earth battleground where the constant question is, “if my business partner was possessed by a brain-eating monster from beyond spacetime tomorrow, what is the worst thing they could do to me?

Charles Stross

#contract-law #contracts #publishing #worst-case-scenarios #business

Note to the wise: whenever someone insists that he wants to buy something from you, but tells you there’s no real value in it yet, two things are happening: he’s lying, and you’re being taken.

Mike Stackpole

#negotiation #publishing #scammers #business

Stop thinking “Outside the box” and look what is actually in the box first. You jump around from marketing gimmick to marketing gimmick without a clear plan or goal, hoping to reproduce someone else’s success without understanding all of the nuances and factors that went into that success. Further, people are so busy recreating the wheel that they have forgotten what the wheel looks like.

Julie Ann Dawson

#marketing #publishing #business

Business is War by other means.

Kambiz Mostofizadeh

#mikazuki-publishing-house #business

An author who gives a manager or publisher any rights in his work except those immediately and specifically required for its publication or performance is for business purposes an imbecile.

George Bernard Shaw

#authors #business #contracts #publishers #publishing

It’s always the end of the world,” said Russell Grandinetti, one of Amazon’s top executives. “You could set your watch on it arriving.” He pointed out, though, that the landscape was in some ways changing for the first time since Gutenberg invented the modern book nearly 600 years ago. “The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader,” he said. “Everyone who stands between those two has both risk and opportunity.” Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal. New York Times, 10/16/2011

Russell Grandinetti

#e-books #libraries #publishing #change

Go APE: Author a great book, Publish it quickly, and Entrepreneur your way to success. Self-publishing isn’t easy, but it’s fun and sometimes even lucrative. Plus, your book could change the world.

Guy Kawasaki

#writing #writing-process #change

It takes great courage to write great books. Find your courage and find your voice.

Kristen Lamb

#publishing #wana #we-are-not-alone #writers #writing

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