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She couldn’t have been more than twelve years old. In her hands was a sign that said RED-HEADS RULE! with a little crown painted in the corner and tiny stars everywhere. I knew I was the only redhead in the competition, and I noticed that her hair and mine were very nearly the same shade.

Kiera Cass

#redheads #america

All the action adventure girls have red hair," he said. "Whenever it is an independent girl, not a sidekick person, when she has her own mind or does as good as the guys, she has red hair.

Marion Roach


You're not a woman," he said finally. "You're the Grim Reaper with red hair!

Jeaniene Frost

#cat #humor #red-hair #redheads #humor

Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous.

P.G. Wodehouse

#humor #redheads #humor

It's my red hair that interferes with my good sense. All that color so close to my brain, it plum disorients me most days.

Kimberly Frost

#redheads #sense #humor

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head.

Lucille Ball

#redheads #life

She was a woman with red hair and green eyes— the traits which Satan supposedly relished most in mortal females.

Robert Shea


Quick. Name ten dead redheads.

Doug Coupland

#name #quick #redheads #ten

I love being a redhead. It's a rare thing, so I think there's a bond between redheads.

Laura Prepon

#between #bond #i #i love #i think

Louis-Cesare’s anger suddenly filled the small room like water, and in a heartbeat his eyes went from silver tinged to as solid as two antique coins. I sat frozen, awash in a sea of power. I was beginning to understand why Mircea had wanted him along, only Daddy had failed to mention anything about the hair-trigger temper. I guess he assumed the red hair would clue me in.

Karen Chance

#redheads #anger

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