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Kate stood by the door with her arms crossed. That was an anti-Curran pose. What the hell was the Beast Lord doing here? I padded to the door. “First, you didn’t come home.” Curran’s voice held zero humor. “Second, I’m told that my mate is lingering in Raphael’s house. There can’t be any good reason for you to be here.” “Are you spying on me, Your Furriness?” Kate asked.

Ilona Andrews

#funny #gunmetal-magic #kate-daniels #snark #funny

The following Discourse [on art, by Sir Joshua Reynolds] is particularly Interesting to Blockheads as it endeavours to prove that There is No such thing as Inspiration & that any Man of a plain Understanding may by Thieving from Others become a Mich Angelo.

William Blake

#art-feuds #blake #humor #reynolds #snark

My inner goddess confirms that staring at a beautiful/rich/powerful face is the basis of True Love.

Jess C. Scott

#drama #fifty-shades #fifty-shades-of-grey #inner-goddess #love

A little snark, properly directed, can change the world.

Shannon Hale

#snark #change

Things were about to change. If nothing changed, I wouldn't be writing this down because this is a book about the time when everything changed. And isn't that what every book is about? No, seriously, isn't it? I don't read books.

David Iserson


I always wonder why condescending snarkiness is the chosen method of communication for so many forum users. It seems to me like these things would be much better expressed in non-confrontational, polite manner.

Gavin Dunne

#snark #snarkiness #communication

I can understand bitchiness in any language.

Richelle Mead

#humor #retort #richelle-mead #snarkiness #age

I prefer to make up my own quotes and attribute them to very smart people, so that I can use them to win arguments

Albert Einstein

#lies #snark #humor

Words cannot express my disappointment that I must pass on the invitation to once again witness your gelatinous buttocks swaying as you try to climb a greased pole naked in search of athletic glory. Sadly, the last occasion on which I witnessed this event had a deleterious effect on my psyche for which I am still seeking the attention of a therapist. A.C. Kemp as Lady Arabella Snark

A.C. Kemp

#insult #snark #humor

You're just jealous." "Hardly. Been there, done you. Adequate, but unremarkable.

Jennifer Estep

#sex #snarky-remarks #jealousy

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