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First month honey. . .Next month pie. . .Third month. . .Get out here and work, you damn bitch, same as I.

Karen Cecil Smith

#marriage-advice #marriage

There was a time when the one singular thing that held a marriage together was the threat of getting the kids.

Erma Bombeck


Listen, I'd rather lie naked in a plowed field under an incontinent horse for a week than have to read that paragraph again!

Diane Ackerman

#humor #humorous #love

...but once more I say do as you please, for we women are born to this burden of being obedient to our husbands, though they be blockheads

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

#marriage #women #marriage

You can crab over the morning paper and kick the shins of the guy in the next seat at the movies and feel mean and discouraged and sneer at the politicians but there are a lot of nice people in the world just the same.

Raymond Chandler

#inspirational #inspirational

wear flannel next to your skin, and never believe in eternal punishment.

Julian Barnes

#inspirational #inspirational

While like most men, Sam prided himself on being equipped with a supernatural internal compass that kept him from ever being lost, he'd also learned to concede those rare times when that compass seemed to be temporary disrepair.

Clive Cussler


If you are not dancing, your dead.

Lisa Alpine

#humorous #inspirational #inspirational

If you're on your back, you're not on your feet!

Sylvia Day


When I need some striking inspiration about deep depression for my new painting, I just need to go to check my bank account...

Hiroko Sakai

#bank-account #depression #funny #humorous #inspiration

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