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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #humorous

Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Ashwin Sanghi

#chanakya-s-chant #humorous-quotations #humor

Certainly there are things in life that money can’t buy, but it’s very funny – Did you ever try buying them without money.

Ogden Nash

#humorous #funny

Listen. Just because we got a mutual hankering, doesn't mean we have to act on it. Aside from the hankering, there isn't much about you that I like. So far, you've been a pain in the behind. And I might as well tell you, I've followed through on one hankering and getting shot was more of an enjoyable experience. I didn't like it.

Maggie Osborne

#humorous #romance #experience

The better organized the state, the duller its humanity.

David Mitchell

#philosophy #humor

Borman's dumping urine. Urine [in] approximately one minute." Two lines further along, we see Lovell saying, "What a sight to behold!

Mary Roach


I know that not all my readers like my digressions, but the research that has been done on Caenorhabditis elegans is such a ringing triumph of science that you aren't going to stop me.

Richard Dawkins

#science #science

He'd never asked for an exciting life. What he really liked, what he sought on every occasion, was boredom. The trouble was that boredom tended to explode in your face. Just when he thought he'd found it he'd be suddenly involved in what he supposed other people - thoughtless, feckless people - would call an adventure. And he'd be forced to visit many strange lands and meet exotic and colourful people, although not for very long because usually he'd be running. He'd seen the creation of the universe, although not from a good seat, and had visited Hell and the afterlife. He'd been captured, imprisoned, rescued, lost and marooned. Sometimes it had all happened on the same day.

Terry Pratchett

#humorous #humor

Imogen was a bright girl naturally, but she had read so many novels that her brain was completely turned.

Susan Coolidge

#reading #family

How beautiful would history have been if it could be written beforehand and then acted out like drama!

Aihebholo-oria Okonoboh

#inspirational-life #beauty

Kope!” the other guy yeled. “What the frick?! You got some cheetah blood in you or what?”“Seriously!” insisted Blake. “How did you run so fast?” “I am African.” Without taking his eyes from mine, Kopano eased himself off me, and I sat up.

Wendy Higgins


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