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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #supernatural

But there was a monster lurking in the deepest, blackest corners of his soul. An angry, slathering, vengeful beast, who had a mouth full of butcher knives and a tongue that dripped acid. A monster who ached for freedom. A monster that longed to flay the very soul from his victims, that monster was called the Darkrider.

Michael B. Patterson

#supernatural #freedom

All but one of Zoe Pendergraft's friends were dead.

India Drummond

#friendship #supernatural #friendship

That’s funny. You would think after being followed and shoved into a dark alley by a stranger, you would be at least a little shaken. Don’t tell me, you are a black belt just waiting for the perfect moment to strike.” He laughed soundlessly. “I mean your words do sound brave but your eyes and the fact that you’re trembling like a scared little kitten say something else entirely.” Even though the alley was submerged in darkness and shadows, it was obvious there was a devilish grin stretched across his face...

Nicole Rae

#clandestine #scary-humor #slayer #supernatural #vampire

You belong with us, the lost of the lost, the tribe without a home, a tribe of orphans living our abandoned lives amid toys and trinkets, stuffed monkeys and bears. You’re one of us now—the Tribe of the Teddy Bear.” From Tribe of the Teddy Bear

J. Joseph Wright

#magic #mg #middle-grade #supernatural #teddy-bear

I dodged behind Mac for cover and refused to take the bait. I glanced at my nonexistent watch. 'Oops, look at the time. Guess I have to be going now. Let's not do this again sometime, okay?' Before I could move, Pritkin was there, jamming the medallion into the skin of my upper arm.'Ow!'He looked at me expectantly. I glared at him. 'That hurt!' What do you see?' A big red mark,

Karen Chance

#fiction #humor #romance #supernatural #vampire

Only God is the Giver and Master of Creativity and imagination because they are gifts that can only come from Him Alone!

Cheyenne Mitchell

#mystery #supernatural-thrillers #suspense #the-covering #thrillers

I wish to confound all these people, to create a work of art of a supernatural realism and of a spiritualist naturalism. I wish to prove... that nothing is explained in the mysteries which surround us.

Joris-Karl Huysmans

#mystery #realism #supernatural #art

In real life I do violence, but for psychic stuff I do other things better.

Laurell K. Hamilton

#fiction #supernatural #urban-fantasy #vampire #life

Coincidences link us to the unknown and weave us into it.

Doug Dillon

#inspiration #metaphysical #paranormal #supernatural #synchronicity

But a slow, deeply satisfied smile came over him, and his breath quickened. 'So softly it starts,' he whispered. 'Foolishly clever and with an unsurvivable trust. It just saved your miserable life, that questionable show of thought, my itchy-witch.' Al’s smile shifted, becoming lighter. 'And now you will live to possibly regret it.

Kim Harrison

#demons #fiction #rachel-morgan #supernatural #life

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