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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #thieves

Mr. Speaker, Americans want, need, and rightfully expect Congress to protect them from the prying eyes of identity thieves and give them back control of their Social Security numbers and personal health information.

Luis Gutierrez

#congress #control #expect #eyes #give

For him that stealeth, or borroweth and returneth not, this book from its owner, Let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with palsy and all his members blasted. Let him languish in pain crying out for mercy, Let there be no surcease to his agony till he sink in dissolution. Let bookworms gnaw his entrails in token of the worm that dieth not. When at last he goeth to his final punishment, Let the flames of Hell consume him forever. [attributed to the Monastery of San Pedro in Barcelona, Spain]

Nicholas A. Basbanes

#curses #libraries #thieves #change

Don't worry, don't worry. Look at the Astors and the Vanderbilts, all those big society people. They were the worst thieves - and now look at them. It's just a matter of time.

Meyer Lansky

#just #look #matter #now #people

The party of swindlers and thieves is putting forward its chief swindler and its chief thief for the presidency. We must vote against him, struggle against him.

Alexei Navalny

#chief #forward #him #must #party

My own personal favorite Cher song is the unforgettable Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

Brent Spiner

#favorite #gypsies #my own #own #personal

Honor among thieves is the ancestor of all honor.

John McCarthy

#honor #thieves

The Americans may think they have 'liberated' Baghdad but the tens of thousands of thieves - they came in families and cruised the city in trucks and cars searching for booty - seem to have a different idea what liberation means.

Robert Fisk

#booty #came #cars #city #different

I think people need housing. And there's empty buildings, I think people should live in there. If you want to call them squatters, trespassers, hey, I call Wall Street thieves!

Al Lewis

#call #empty #hey #housing #i

In Venice in the Middle Ages there was once a profession for a man called a codega--a fellow you hired to walk in front of you at night with a lit lantern, showing you the way, scaring off thieves and demons, bringing you confidence and protection through the dark streets.

Elizabeth Gilbert

#protection #thieves #age

My body is my own," I said. "I may choose to share it with someone, but it's not for sale or for hire, nor is it a reward. I'd rather starve to death than use it as such.

Erica Dakin

#fantasy #half-elves #prostitution #rin #romance

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