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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #timelessness

The study of the past helps us to appreciate that the ideas and values of our own age are just as provisional and transient as those of bygone ages. The intelligent and reflective engagement with the thought of a bygone era ultimately subverts any notion of "chronological snobbery". Reading texts from the past makes it clear that what we now term "the past" was once "the present", which proudly yet falsely regarded itself as having found the right intellectual answers and moral values that had eluded its predecessors.

Alister E. McGrath

#perspective #timelessness #age

The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.

Kahlil Gibran

#timelessness #today #tomorrow #yesterday #dreams

All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.

C.S. Lewis

#timelessness #dating

The river is now. This moment. This breath between us. The space between your heartbeats. The moment before you blink. The instant a thought flashes through your mind. It is everything that is around us. Life. Energy. Flowing, endlessly flowing, carrying you from tomorrow. Listen: you can hear the music of it. Of the passage of time.

Lisa Mangum

#life #time #timelessness #life

...your tranquil yes to the changing over into the formless void of the unlimited.

Hermann Hesse

#the-void #timelessness #transformation #change

If New Orleans is not fully in the mainstream of culture, neither is it fully in the mainstream of time. Lacking a well-defined present, it lives somewhere between its past and its future, as if uncertain whether to advance or to retreat. Perhaps it is its perpetual ambivalence that is its secret charm. Somewhere between Preservation Hall and the Superdome, between voodoo and cybernetics, New Orleans listens eagerly to the seductive promises of the future but keeps at least one foot firmly planted in its history, and in the end, conforms, like an artist, not to the world but to its own inner being--ever mindful of its personal style.

Tom Robbins

#conformity #future #history #mainstream #new-orleans

But that is a valid, continuing service that that music - which is, in some cases, 80 or 90 years old - is rendering. And proving its own timelessness.

Dwight Yoakam

#continuing #music #old #own #proving

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.

John Lennon

#timelessness #wisdom #age

Why is wisdom so fair? Why is beauty so wise? Because all else is temporary, while beauty and wisdom are the only real and constant aspects of truth that can be perceived by human means. And I don't mean the kind of surface beauty that fades with age, or the sort of shallow wisdom that gets lost in platitudes. True beauty grips your gut and squeezes your lungs, and makes you see with utmost clarity exactly what is before you. True wisdom then steps in, to interpret, illuminate, and form a life-altering insight.

Vera Nazarian

#beauty #constant #constants #eternal #eternity

The timelessness of a concept has to be woven into the running warp of dying time, vertical power has to be wedded to the horizontal earth.

Ella Maillart

#dying #earth #horizontal #into #power

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