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Obsessions Confessions

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So I met this person online, maybe December or November? Well yea I thought they were pretty chill so I asked to be friends with them, they said yes. I talked to them everyday starting from then, they played a game I played too so what id do was wait till they were online in that game instead of contacting on social media since they were sorta inactive there. Waited till 4am once, yeah was not mentally okay. On valentines day, I asked them to be my platonic valentine (excuse to say I had a valentine haha) and they agreed! Was psyched, after that we flirted alot. I said 10 fucking pickup lines in a row without them replying. Tell me you have attachment issues with telling me you do. I imagined fake scenarios with them, dirty ones included and I have no regrets lol. Then I found out their appearance and holy shit did it make me even more crazy about them. Shoulder length hair, 6,0, rings, nice hands, black clothing most the time and dark brown eyes. She was so pretty and I was absolutely starstruck. Then there was me, a 5,6 asian pansexual woman who sits in front of a screen 24/7. One pickup line (a more recent one) let me find out that im allowed to call them mine. We are still only friends keep in mind. A flirtationship was what I assumed it was and the urge to confess was unreal. My biggest peeve about this obsession was..pretending they were my partner when meeting new people, not sure if other people do this. Its so fucking silly lmao and I regret it so much, I also dont, it felt nice haha. The fake scenarios got bigger and bigger, pretending we went on dates and guess what? I plan on confessing on their birthday next year if I buck up the courage to. Probs won't but I hope they know I love them. I make it clearly fucking obvious im into them so im waiting for a good time. They send me websites on how to get better if im ill, they help me, flirt with me, tease me and care for me. Partner material. So uhh if you're 5,11 but 6,0 with good shoes and you think you know who this is, hi. I like you lol. Praying they dont find this though aha. Thanks for listening to my cringe obsession phase story time. -A.T

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I have to say that I have been a long time cross dresser since age ten or so. My wife of ten years does not know. I also enjoy looking at sissies with erections. I become very aroused with both of these obsessions I have.

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Hi, I'm 17 years old and female and I have been masturbating for as long as I can remember. I first started off by dry humping my younger cousin ( female) when I was 8. I can tell she loved it to because after that first time she would always ask if we could do it again when we were alone. Then when she wasn't around I would grind up against my couch till I couldn't take the pressure anymore. I don't think I orgasmed yet. And I would put on movies that I knew had sex scenes in them to get me turned on. Then I became pretty obsessed. I would masturbate whenever I could. I later discovered that we owned a vibrating back massage thing and well I loved it but then it ran out of batteries and it was really complicated so I just stopped using it:(. I later retired a bunch of other things: toothbrush, pillow, carrot. But only my hands gave me satisfaction. I'm still a virgin because I'm waiting for the right guy. But sometimes I just think about inviting some random guy to my house when I'm really horny to fuck me! But I stop myself :( if you have any tips on how to masturbate PLEASE LET ME KNOW

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