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A. J. Jacobs

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I have little shame, no dignity - all in the name of a better cause.

— A. J. Jacobs

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I pledged to become the world's greatest expert in a field I knew nothing about.

— A. J. Jacobs

#become #expert #field #greatest #i

I was what they call 'skinny fat' - a body that resembled a python after swallowing a goat.

— A. J. Jacobs

#body #call #fat #goat #i

It's sort of my job to feel good.

— A. J. Jacobs

#feel good #good #job #sort

The best we can do, to paraphrase Pollan, is to eat whole foods, mostly plants, and not too much.

— A. J. Jacobs

#eat #foods #mostly #much #paraphrase

About A. J. Jacobs

A. J. Jacobs Quotes

Did you know about A. J. Jacobs?

Jacobs is the author of The Two Kings: Elvis and Jesus (1994) an irreverent comedic comparison of Elvis Presley and Jesus; and America Off-Line (1996). He is the editor at large for Esquire and previously worked for the Antioch Daily Ledger and Entertainment Weekly. He wrote about it in his humorous book The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World (2004).

J. Arnold Stephen Jacobs Jr.

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