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Ada Louise Huxtable

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An excellent job with a dubious undertaking, which is like saying it would be great if it wasn't awful.

— Ada Louise Huxtable

#dubious #excellent #great #job #like

A disaster where marble has been substituted for imagination.

— Ada Louise Huxtable

#disaster #imagination #marble #substituted #where

Nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station.

— Ada Louise Huxtable

#more #nothing #obsolete #railroad #station

The age of Lincoln and Jefferson memorials is over. It will be presidential libraries from now on.

— Ada Louise Huxtable

#jefferson #libraries #lincoln #memorials #now

Washington is an endless series of mock palaces clearly built for clerks.

— Ada Louise Huxtable

#clearly #clerks #endless #endless series #mock

About Ada Louise Huxtable

Did you know about Ada Louise Huxtable?

" "She was a great lover of cities a great preservationist and the central planet around which every other critic revolved" said architect Robert A. She was the architecture critic for The Wall Street Journal a position Ada Louise Huxtable took up in 1997. She was a contributing editor to Progressive Architecture and Art in America from 1950 to 1963 before being named the first architecture critic at The New York Times a post Ada Louise Huxtable held from 1963 to 1982.

Stern dean of the Yale University School of Architecture. January 7 2013 in New York City New York) was an architecture critic and writer on architecture. M.

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