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Andrew P. Harris

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Competition among insurers would bring down the cost of health care insurance, just as it brings down the cost of car or homeowners insurance.

— Andrew P. Harris

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In 2010, we have to focus on electing a new Congress and in 2012 we have to focus on electing a new president.

— Andrew P. Harris

#electing #focus #new #president

In Washington, I will never vote to raise taxes, I will fight to repeal healthcare reform, and I will work to balance the budget.

— Andrew P. Harris

#budget #fight #healthcare #i #never

It was a simple question any employee should ask: 'Oh and by the way, how do I get my health insurance to be seamless?'

— Andrew P. Harris

#ask #employee #get #health #health insurance

Maryland needs someone in Congress who will fight to create jobs, stop out-of-control government spending and defend small businesses.

— Andrew P. Harris

#congress #create #defend #fight #government

The best solution would be for the federal government to say, 'Yes, we do provide coverage and it's from day one.'

— Andrew P. Harris

#coverage #day #federal #federal government #government

About Andrew P. Harris

Andrew P. Harris Quotes

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J. Furthermore "Harris then asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap" added an aide who was struck by the similarity to Harris's request and the public option he denounced as a gateway to socialized medicine. His district was later redrawn to be District 7 representing Baltimore County and Harford County.

He is a member of the Republican Party and is currently the only Republican member of Maryland's Congressional delegation; he formerly served in the Senate of the Maryland General Assembly. Andrew P. "Andy" Harris (born January 25 1957) is an American physician and politician who is the U.

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