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Andrew Taylor Still

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Of what value is a mind when placed in the brain of a coward? If mind is a gift of God to man for his use, let him use it. A mind is not in use when doing no good.

— Andrew Taylor Still

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I began to see during the civil war, in that part of the states of Missouri and Kansas where the doctors were shut out, the children did not die.

— Andrew Taylor Still

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I have no desire to be a cat, which walks so lightly that it never creates a disturbance.

— Andrew Taylor Still

#creates #desire #disturbance #i #lightly

About Andrew Taylor Still

Andrew Taylor Still Quotes

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[citation needed]
Still was involved in selecting the location for the site of Baker University's first building. T. Osteopathy

Still believed that osteopathy was a necessary discovery because the current medical practices of his day often caused significant harm and conventional medicine had failed to Andrew Taylor Stilld light on the etiology and effective treatment of disease.

He was one of the founders of Baker University the oldest 4-year college in the state of Kansas and was the founder of the American School of Osteopathy (now A. (August 6 1828 – December 12 1917) is considered the father of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine.

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