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Anna Lindh

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The WTO has one of the most impressive records in global economic governance, by promoting trade liberalisation and economic development.

— Anna Lindh

#economic #economic development #global #governance #impressive

Developed countries and advanced developing countries must open their markets for products from the developing world, and support in developing their export and import capacity.

— Anna Lindh

#capacity #countries #developed #developed countries #developing

Firstly, economic globalisation has brought prosperity and development to many countries, but also financial crises to Asia, Latin America and Russia, and increasing poverty and marginalisation.

— Anna Lindh

#america #asia #brought #countries #crises

Global markets must be balanced by global values such as respect for human rights and international law, democracy, security and sustainable economic and environmental development.

— Anna Lindh

#democracy #development #economic #environmental #global

Globalisation has made us more vulnerable. It creates a world without borders, and makes us painfully aware of the limitations of our present instruments, and of politics, to meet its challenges.

— Anna Lindh

#borders #challenges #creates #globalisation #instruments

Globalisation makes it clear that social responsibility is required not only of governments, but of companies and individuals. All sources must interact in order to reach the MDGs.

— Anna Lindh

#companies #globalisation #governments #individuals #interact

Human rights are praised more than ever - and violated as much as ever.

— Anna Lindh

#human #human rights #more #much #praised

In a case like Iraq the UN has again shown what important role it plays as the guarantor for protecting international peace and stability in the global political structure.

— Anna Lindh

#case #global #guarantor #important #important role

Nonetheless, the developing countries must be able to reap the benefits of international trade.

— Anna Lindh

#benefits #countries #developing #international #international trade

The United Nations remains our most important global actor. These days we are continuously reminded of the enormous responsibility of the Security Council to uphold international peace and stability.

— Anna Lindh

#continuously #council #days #enormous #global

About Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh Quotes

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Political career
Lindh was born to Staffan and Nancy Lindh in Enskede a southeastern suburb of Stockholm but grew up in Grillby just outside of Enköping. She became involved in politics at age twelve when Anna Lindh joined the local branch of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League protesting against the Vietnam war as one of her top priorities. Images from the department store's surveillance system showing the suspect were publiAnna Lindhd on 13 and 14 September.

Anna Lindh was married to Bo Holmberg the governor of Södermanland her home constituency for over twenty years with whom Anna Lindh had two sons. Ascending to the government as minister of environment in 1994 Anna Lindh was elevated to minister for foreign affairs by prime minister Göran Persson in 1998 and was widely considered his designated successor as party chairman and prime minister (neither of which posts had ever been occupied by a woman) speculations that came to a brutal end upon her assassination in September 2003. Ylva Anna Maria Lindh (19 June 1957 – 11 September 2003) was a Swedish Social Democratic politician chairman of the Social Democratic Youth League 1984–1990 member of parliament 1982–1985 and 1998–2003.

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