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Bianca Jagger

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I am closer to a European viewpoint of the world than an American one. My ethics and ideals are based on European concepts.

— Bianca Jagger

#american #based #closer #concepts #ethics

I am not just a celebrity, I'm a human-rights advocate for the last 20 years.

— Bianca Jagger

#am #celebrity #human-rights #i #i am

Look at what President Kennedy managed to achieve during the Cuban missile crisis. If Bush had been president in 1962, do you think he would have avoided a nuclear war?

— Bianca Jagger

#avoided #been #bush #crisis #cuban

Most governments in Latin America have failed to recognize the rights of indigenous people and their right to their own traditional territories.

— Bianca Jagger

#failed #governments #indigenous #indigenous people #latin

Today, we talk a lot about terrorism, but we rarely talk about state terrorism.

— Bianca Jagger

#lot #rarely #state #talk #terrorism

A man who gets divorced is not forever going to be talked about for it. There are very different standards that we have for women than we have for men.

— Bianca Jagger

#different #divorced #forever #gets #going

Americans need to understand the significance of having their civil liberties dismantled. It doesn't just affect terrorists and foreigners, it affects us all.

— Bianca Jagger

#affects #civil #civil liberties #dismantled #foreigners

Bush and Blair combined their efforts to deceive both nations in a carefully coordinated manner, more so than anyone is willing to point out in the media.

— Bianca Jagger

#blair #both #bush #carefully #combined

During the first 10 years of my life, while my parents were married, I enjoyed a privileged upbringing. After their divorce, my life was difficult.

— Bianca Jagger

#difficult #divorce #during #enjoyed #first

The killing of innocent people is always wrong.

— Bianca Jagger

#innocent #innocent people #killing #people #wrong

About Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger Quotes

Did you know about Bianca Jagger?

In March 2002 Jagger travelled to Afghanistan with a delegation of fourteen women organised by Global Exchange to support Afghan women’s projects. They divorced when Bianca was ten and Bianca Jagger stayed with her mother who had to take care of three children on a small income. She gave a reading at the start of the memorial service in London's Westminster Cathedral which was timed to coincide with the funeral in Brazil of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes who was shot eight times on a tube-train after being mistaken for a suicide bomber in London.

Bianca Jagger (born Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias May 2 1945) is a Nicaraguan-born social and human rights advocate and a former actress and model. Over the past thirty years Bianca Jagger has written articles and opinion pieces delivered keynote speeches at conferences and events throughout the world and participated in numerous television and radio debates about numerous issues including genocide the war in Iraq the war in Afghanistan the war on terror war crimes against humanity crimes against future generations the Former Yugoslavia Sri Lanka Central America Iran Iraq India children and women’s rights the rights of indigenous peoples climate change the rainforest renewable energy corporate social responsibility the ensuing erosion of civil liberties and human rights and the death penalty.

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