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Bill Evans

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Casey was the better team and the better team won.

— Bill Evans

#casey #team #won

I dance because it makes me want to explode.

— Bill Evans

#dance #explode #i #makes #me

We use the people who are in the bullpen producing.

— Bill Evans

#people #producing #use #who

About Bill Evans

Bill Evans Quotes

Did you know about Bill Evans?

He was also a keen golfer a hobby that begun in his father's golf course. His friends and relatives believe that this event precipitated his own death the following year. " He commented that electronic music: "just doesn't attract me.

In 1963 Evans recorded Conversations with Myself an innovative solo album using the unconventional (in jazz solo recordings) technique of overdubbing over himself. Both his girlfriend Elaine and his brother Harry committed suicide and he was a long time heroin user and later cocaine. In 1966 he met bassist Eddie Gomez with whom he would work for eleven years.

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