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Bill Hybels

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If you lower the ambient noise of your life and listen expectantly for those whispers of God, your ears will hear them. And when you follow their lead, your world will be rocked.

— Bill Hybels


You're a leader. It's your job to keep your passion hot. Do whatever you have to do, read whatever you have to read, go wherever you have to go to stay fired up. And don't apologize to anybody. 

— Bill Hybels

#leadership #courage

There isn't a single motivation, thought, act, or word that has slipped out of your being and escaped the full, undivided attention of God.

— Bill Hybels


The more varied the environments in which you exercise your leadership gift, the stronger that gift will become. You will become a far more effective leader.

— Bill Hybels

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Wise leaders understand that the single greatest determinant of whether followers will ever own a vision deeply is the extent to which whose followers believe the leader will own it.

— Bill Hybels

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I look at tens of thousands of church leaders who still do need a bit of an awakening.

— Bill Hybels

#bit #church #i #leaders #look

The real deal is always going to win in the end.

— Bill Hybels

#deal #end #going #in the end #real

Dignity does not float down from heaven it cannot be purchased nor manufactured. It is a reward reserved for those who labor with diligence.

— Bill Hybels

#dignity #diligence #does #down #float

Those churches have closed down or have been merged with a church that has a more positive vision.

— Bill Hybels

#church #churches #closed #down #merged

Thirty years ago, we were in a movie theater and thought it was so cool because we were finally delivered from the horrors of stained glass and wooden pews.

— Bill Hybels

#because #cool #delivered #finally #glass

About Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels Quotes

Did you know about Bill Hybels?

Brenda Salter McNeil (Speaker; Thought Leader; Founder & President of Salter McNeil & Assoc. One hundred and twenty-five people attended the service. Hybels and the Willow Creek Association
In 1992 Hybels launched the Willow Creek Association (WCA) to link like-minded action-oriented churches with each other and with strategic vision training and resources.

He is the founder of the Willow Creek Association and creator of the Global Leadership Summit. The church has been listed as the most influential church in America for the last several years in a national poll of pastors. Hybels is also an author of a number of Christian books especially on the subject of Christian leadership.

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