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Bruno Rossi

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A feeling that was possibly generated by experiences in my previous work on cosmic rays; more likely it was inborn and was the reason why, as a young man, I went into the field of cosmic rays.

— Bruno Rossi

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An inborn tendency toward science turning it into a lifelong commitment.

— Bruno Rossi

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In any case, whenever technical progress opened a new window into the surrounding world, I felt the urge to look through this window, hoping to see something unexpected.

— Bruno Rossi

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The initial motivation of the experiment which led to this discovery was a subconscious feeling for the inexhaustible wealth of nature, a wealth that goes far beyond the imagination of man.

— Bruno Rossi

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About Bruno Rossi

Bruno Rossi Quotes

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On the basis of these investigations Allen and Rossi invented the "fast ionization chamber" which they patented after the war. RaLa experiments
In April 1944 the Manhattan project experienced a crisis when Emilio Segrè discovered that plutonium made in reactors would not work in a gun-type plutonium weapon like the "Thin Man" which was being developed in parallel with a uranium weapon the "Little Boy" that was dropped on Hiroshima. New York: McGraw-Hill.

During World War II Rossi played a pivotal role in the Manhattan Project. In Italy from 1930 to 1938 he made major contributions to cosmic ray and particle physics. Bruno Benedetto Rossi (April 13 1905 – November 21 1993) was a leading Italian experimental physicist.

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