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Conrad Burns

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Lawsuits - and frivolous lawsuits - are just sapping the life out of the people who perform the services and deliver the goods for the rest of the citizenry in the State of Montana.

— Conrad Burns

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They appear to have had a higher voter turnout in Iraq than we did in our recent federal elections, and we didn't have terrorists threatening to kill our families if we voted.

— Conrad Burns

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Today, our brave military men and women, just as those who have gone before them, stand on alert, securing freedom at home and guarding the innocent abroad.

— Conrad Burns

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About Conrad Burns

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He also maintains his auction business where he arranges his speaking engagements. Chamber of Commerce: 94%
National Education Association: 0%
League of Conservation Voters: 5%
Christian Coalition of America: 100%
Cato Institute: 70%
National Rifle Association: A
American Public Health Association: 10%
American Land Rights Association: 100%
AFL-CIO: 29%
National Taxpayers Union: 67%

First term
Following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 Burns invited a group of racially mixed lobbyists to a "slave auction. )
In August at a campaign event Burns interrupted his speech to take a cell phone call.

While in the Senate Burns sat on the Senate Appropriations Committee and was the chairman of its Subcommittee on the Interior. He was also chairman of the Commerce Science and Transportation Committee's Communications subcommittee. Conrad Ray Burns (born January 25 1935) is a former United States Senator from Montana.

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