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Daniel Dennett

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Darwin's idea of natural selection makes people uncomfortable because it reverses the direction of tradition.

— Daniel Dennett

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I think many people are terribly afraid of being demoted by the Darwinian scheme from the role of authors and creators in their own right into being just places where things happen in the universe.

— Daniel Dennett

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The problem is that no ethical system has ever achieved consensus. Ethical systems are completely unlike mathematics or science. This is a source of concern.

— Daniel Dennett

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There is no reality of consciousness independent of the effects of various vehicles of content on subsequent action (and hence, of course, on memory).

— Daniel Dennett

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About Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennett Quotes

Did you know about Daniel Dennett?

He has recently been doing research into clerics who are secretly atheists and how they rationalize their works. In Darwin's Dangerous Idea Dennett writes that evolution can account for the origin of morality. Dennett is an atheist and secularist a member of the Secular Coalition for America advisory board as well as an outspoken supporter of the Brights movement.

Daniel Clement "Dan" Dennett III (born March 28 1942) is an American philosopher writer and cognitive scientist whose research centers on the philosophy of mind philosophy of science and philosophy of biology particularly as those fields relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy and a University Professor at Tufts University.

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