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David Heyman

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All we try and do is make the best films we can. If you do that then hopefully the audiences will come, and they have. Everything else is gravy.

— David Heyman

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But I can't imagine Harry being a stockbroker at 35. That doesn't really seem the stuff of 'Harry Potter'.

— David Heyman

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I love books. I read voraciously, and I happened to have been fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time.

— David Heyman

#books #fortunate #happened #i #i love

I thought if I was lucky it would be a nice, modest-sized, modest-budgeted film that would be a modest success. And then something happened.

— David Heyman

#happened #i #lucky #modest #nice

We've been working with the very best in the business. The studio really just let us alone to make the films.

— David Heyman

#been #best #business #films #just

About David Heyman

David Heyman Quotes

Did you know about David Heyman?

Heyman is married to interior designer Rose Uniacke and they have one son. Filmography. In 2005 Heyman was the executive producer of the CBS television series Threshold while notable recent productions include the 2007 blockbuster I Am Legend with Will Smith holocaust drama The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas starring David Thewlis and Yes Man starring Jim Carrey.

He secured the film rights to the Harry Potter film series in 1999 and has produced all eight installments in the series.

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