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David McCullough

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In an exhibition wherein paintings of nudes were commonplace, that of Madame Gautreau in her black evening dress was considered scandalously erotic. -from The Greater Journey

— David McCullough


I'm very aware how many distractions the reader has in life today, how many good reasons there are to put the book down.

— David McCullough

#book #distractions #down #good #how

In time I began to understand that it's when you start writing that you really find out what you don't know and need to know.

— David McCullough

#find #i #know #need #out

May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.

— David McCullough

#honest #may #men #none #roof

My shorthand answer is that I try to write the kind of book that I would like to read. If I can make it clear and interesting and compelling to me, then I hope maybe it will be for the reader.

— David McCullough

#book #clear #compelling #hope #i

Every book is a new journey. I never felt I was an expert on a subject as I embarked on a project.

— David McCullough

#embarked #every #expert #felt #i

Real success is finding you lifework in the work that you love.

— David McCullough

#love #real #real success #success #success is

The pull, the attraction of history, is in our human nature. What makes us tick? Why do we do what we do? How much is luck the deciding factor?

— David McCullough

#deciding #factor #history #how #human

The title always comes last. What I really work hard on is the beginning. Where do you begin? In what tone do you begin? I almost have to have a scene in my mind.

— David McCullough

#always #begin #beginning #comes #hard

There's an awful temptation to just keep on researching. There comes a point where you just have to stop, and start writing.

— David McCullough

#comes #just #keep #point #researching

About David McCullough

David McCullough Quotes

Did you know about David McCullough?

In December 2012 Allegheny County Pennsylvania announced that it would rename the 16th Street Bridge in Pittsburgh in honor of McCullough. " He started it as a book about the founding fathers and back-to-back presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; but dropped Jefferson to focus on Adams. In 2003 the National Endowment for the Humanities selected McCullough for the Jefferson Lecture the U.

McCullough's two Pulitzer Prize-winning books Truman and John Adams have been adapted by HBO into a TV film and a mini-series respectively. McCullough's most recent history The Greater Journey (2011) is about Americans in Paris from the 1830s to the 1900s.

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