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David Petraeus

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People often ask, why aren't you reading about what it is you're working on right now? And the truth is, you only get three pages a night before your eyelids close.

— David Petraeus

#ask #before #close #get #night

I am not a politician, and I will never be, and I say that with absolute conviction.

— David Petraeus

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The president and I sat down in the Oval Office, and he expressed very clearly that what he wants from me is my best professional military advice.

— David Petraeus

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After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair.

— David Petraeus

#after #being #engaging #extremely #i

Every civilian's death diminishes us, collectively.

— David Petraeus

#collectively #death #diminishes #every #us

I think no commander ever is going to come out and say, 'I'm confident that we can do this.'

— David Petraeus

#commander #confident #ever #going #i

I will not ever run for political office. I can assure you.

— David Petraeus

#ever #i #i can #office #political

I'm living the dream.

— David Petraeus

#i #living

The fact is that Iran doesn't want to see the Taliban come back any more than do most Afghan citizens.

— David Petraeus

#any #back #citizens #come #fact

About David Petraeus

David Petraeus Quotes

Did you know about David Petraeus?

Kelley a Florida socialite who frequently entertained senior military personnel at her and her husband's Tampa mansion had approached an acquaintance who worked for the FBI Tampa Field Office in the late spring with regard to anonymous emails David Petraeus considered threatening. During the assumption of command remarks Petraeus provided his vision and goals to NATO the members of his command and his Afghan partners. The change of command was prompted by McChrystal's comments about the Obama administration and its policies in Afghanistan during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

On March 28 2013 Petraeus joined the American Corporate Partners (ACP) a national nonprofit organization that connects post-9/11 veterans to business professionals for career guidance. He subsequently earned an M. On November 9 2012 General Petraeus resigned from his position as Director of the CIA citing his extramarital affair which was reportedly discovered in the course of an FBI investigation.

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