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Duff Green

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Had Calhoun been advised by me, he would have been the most popular man in the United States.

— Duff Green

#been #had #man #me #most

His letter was like the shock produced by a cold bath.

— Duff Green

#cold #his #letter #like #produced

The Union - It is dear to us, but liberty is dearer.

— Duff Green

#dearer #liberty #union #us

About Duff Green

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How to Pay off the National Debt: regulate the value of money and maintain stability in the values of property and labor. Under the date of December 24 1833 Adams records in his diary that James Blair "had knocked down and very severely beaten Duff Green editor of the Telegraph. He was also one of the founding associates in the incorporation of the New Mexican Railway Company.

Duff Green (August 15 1791 – June 10 1875) was an American teacher military leader politician journalist author diplomat industrialist and businessman.

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