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E. Howard Hunt

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I would say this in terms of my career, that my career provided me with everything that I wanted, and I think a man is fortunate if he can say that at the end of his life.

— E. Howard Hunt

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My name is E. Howard Hunt. I'm currently retired from more than 22 years in the profession of espionage.

— E. Howard Hunt

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No one is entitled to the truth.

— E. Howard Hunt


So you're quite right that when... as the Cold War grew and expanded out of Europe, we ourselves had to take refuge behind the shield of the Monroe Doctrine.

— E. Howard Hunt

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About E. Howard Hunt

E. Howard Hunt Quotes

Did you know about E. Howard Hunt?

From 1949 to 1970 Hunt served as a CIA officer. Hunt and Liddy engineered the first Watergate burglary and other undercover operations for the Nixon Administration. In the ensuing Watergate Scandal Hunt was convicted of burglary conspiracy and wiretapping eventually serving 33 months in prison.

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