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Emma Willard

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In inquiring concerning the benefits of the plan proposed, I shall proceed upon the supposition that female seminaries will be patronized throughout our country.

— Emma Willard

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About Emma Willard

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Some of her works include The Woodbridge and Willard Geographies and Atlases (1823) which Emma Willard wrote with the American geographer William Channing Woodbridge;History of the United States or Republic of America (1828) A System of Fulfillment of a Promise (1831) A Treatise on the Motive Powers which Produce the Circulation of the Blood (1846) Guide to the Temple of Time and Universal History for Schools (1849) Last Leaves of American History (1849) Astronography; or Astronomical Geography (1854) and Morals for the Young (1857). Later life
John Willard Emma’s husband died in 1825. She married Dr.

She worked in several schools and founded the first school for women’s higher education the Troy Female Seminary in Troy New York. Emma Hart Willard (February 23 1787 – April 15 1870) was an American women's rights activist who dedicated her life to education.

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