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Eugene Wigner

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It is nice to know that the computer understands the problem. But I would like to understand it too.

— Eugene Wigner

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It takes so long to train a physicist to the place where he understands the nature of physical problems that he is already too old to solve them.

— Eugene Wigner

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The simplicities of natural laws arise through the complexities of the language we use for their expression.

— Eugene Wigner

#complexities #expression #language #laws #natural

About Eugene Wigner

Eugene Wigner Quotes

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"The Magnitude of the Eta Effect" Du Pont de Nemours (E. Jensen. At Princeton in 1934 Wigner introduced his sister Manci to the physicist Paul Dirac whom Eugene Wigner married.

Wigner is important for having laid the foundation for the theory of symmetries in quantum mechanics as well as for his research into the structure of the atomic nucleus. Hans D. Eugene Paul "E.

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