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Felix Klein

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Everyone knows what a curve is, until he has studied enough mathematics to become confused through the countless number of possible exceptions.

— Felix Klein

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Thus, in a sense, mathematics has been most advanced by those who distinguished themselves by intuition rather than by rigorous proofs.

— Felix Klein

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The developing science departs at the same time more and more from its original scope and purpose and threatens to sacrifice its earlier unity and split into diverse branches.

— Felix Klein

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The greatest mathematicians, as Archimedes, Newton, and Gauss, always united theory and applications in equal measure.

— Felix Klein

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About Felix Klein

Felix Klein Quotes

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Erster Band; Die gruppentheoretischen Grundlagen (in German) Leipzig: B. Annalen Bd. In the 1890s Klein turned to mathematical physics a subject from which he had never strayed far writing on the gyroscope with Arnold Sommerfeld.

Christian Felix Klein (25 April 1849 – 22 June 1925) was a German mathematician known for his work in group theory complex analysis non-Euclidean geometry and on the connections between geometry and group theory.

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