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Georges Cuvier

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Hence the same instant which killed the animals froze the country where they lived. This event was sudden, instantaneous, without any gradual development.

— Georges Cuvier

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It is evident that one cannot say anything demonstrable about the problem before having resolved these preliminary questions, and yet we hardly possess the necessary information to solve some of them.

— Georges Cuvier

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My object will be, first, to show by what connections the history of the fossil bones of land animals is linked to the theory of the earth and why they have a particular importance in this respect.

— Georges Cuvier

#connections #earth #first #fossil #history

Secondly, the nature of the revolutions which have altered the surface of the earth must have had a more decisive effect on the terrestrial quadrupeds than on the marine animals.

— Georges Cuvier

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The older the layers, the more each of them is uniform over a great extent; the newer the layers, the more they are limited and subject to variation within small distances.

— Georges Cuvier

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Thus it cannot be denied that the masses which today form our highest mountains were originally in a liquid state; for a long time they were covered by waters which did not sustain any life.

— Georges Cuvier

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About Georges Cuvier

Georges Cuvier Quotes

Did you know about Georges Cuvier?

Cuvier regularly attended meetings held at the nearby town of Valmont for the discussion of agricultural topics. However his position was usually confused as being polygenist (some writers who have studied his racial work have dubbed his position as "quasi-polygenist") and most of his racial studies have influenced scientific racialism. It was a major development in the history of paleontology and the history of geology.

His most famous work is Le Règne Animal (1817; English: The Animal Kingdom). He is well known for establishing extinction as a fact being the most influential proponent of catastrophism in geology in the early 19th century and opposing the evolutionary theories of Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck and Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric Cuvier (August 23 1769 – May 14 1832) known as Georges Cuvier was a French naturalist and zoologist.

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