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Giorgio Vasari

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Men of genius sometimes accomplish most when they work the least, for they are thinking out inventions and forming in their minds the perfect idea that they subsequently express with their hands.

— Giorgio Vasari

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About Giorgio Vasari

Giorgio Vasari Quotes

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[citation needed] He did not research archives for exact dates as modern art historians do and naturally his biographies are most dependable for the painters of his own generation and those of the immediate past. At both he removed the original rood screen and loft and remodelled the retro-choirs in the Mannerist taste of his time. Painting
In 1529 he visited Rome where he studied the works of Raphael and other artists of the Roman High Renaissance.

Giorgio Vasari (Italian: [ˈdʒordʒo vaˈzari]; 30 July 1511 – 27 June 1574) was an Italian painter architect writer and historian most famous today for his Lives of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects considered the ideological foundation of art-historical writing.

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