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Gordon Gould

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I would have had my patent long, long ago, and it would have run out long, long ago. I would have made, maybe, $100.000, much less that the patent has brought me now.

— Gordon Gould

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Just think, if I had understood my lawyer and if he and I had communicated properly in January 1958, this whole history would have been entirely different .

— Gordon Gould

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That attitude does not exist so much today, but in those days there was a very sharp distinction between basic physics and applied physics. Columbia did not deal with applied physics.

— Gordon Gould

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The real technical problems came because people working on the project didn't really follow my proposal at all, but set out to do other things instead of making a laser.

— Gordon Gould

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Gordon Gould Quotes

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Edwin H. S. Apart from the dispute Gould had realized his hope to "be around" when the Brewster's angle window patent expired in May 2005.

He also fought with laser manufacturers in court battles to enforce the patents he subsequently did obtain. Gould is best known for his thirty-year fight with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to obtain patents for the laser and related technologies.

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