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Hassan Nasrallah

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In the end, we are part of this region, and we are affected by its developments. What we may do or not do in the future depends on the nature of what happens here in the region.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#depends #developments #end #future #happens

It's not the first time that I speak with American journalists. I've had meetings with many different newspapers and stations, and I've ha - never had a problem with meeting with American journalists.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#different #first #first time #had #i

On this land, Muslims, Christians and Jews can coexist together, as they have - as they had for the - for hundreds of years in the framework of a democratic state.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#coexist #democratic #democratic state #framework #had

The ones who were negotiating are now on the front line of this intifada, because they found that the negotiations didn't give them the minimum of their rights.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#found #front #give #line #minimum

The Palestinian must stop throwing stones, and the Israelis must stop firing rockets. And in the view of the Sharm el-Sheikh summit, rockets are equal to stones.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#firing #israelis #must #palestinian #rockets

The problem is we disagree about the origin. Is this occupied land or not?

— Hassan Nasrallah

#disagree #land #occupied #origin #problem

We did not start a fight with America, and we don't want a war with America. If someone launches an attack, though, we will respond. We will not take rejection or humiliation. We do not want to fight.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#attack #did #fight #humiliation #rejection

When a peace agreement is concluded between the Lebanese government and Israel, we would surely disagree with the Lebanese government about that, but we would not make any turmoil out of it.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#agreement #any #between #concluded #disagree

You can look at the West Bank. Cities are like prisons. They can be closed quickly by the Israeli forces, and everything stops in these cities. This is the result of Oslo.

— Hassan Nasrallah

#cities #closed #everything #forces #israeli

About Hassan Nasrallah

Hassan Nasrallah Quotes

Did you know about Hassan Nasrallah?

Nasrallah studied at the Shi'a seminary in the Beqaa Valley town of Baalbek. However after a short pause hostilities resumed.

The group's military wing -- though not any of its other divisions nor the organization as a whole -- is designated a proscribed terrorist group by the governments of the United Kingdom and Australia. Hezbollah is regarded as a legitimate resistance movement and political party throughout much of the Arab and Muslim worlds but is considered a terrorist organization by the United States the Netherlands Israel and Canada.

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