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Horatio Seymour

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The merit of our Constitution was, not that it promotes democracy, but checks it.

— Horatio Seymour

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About Horatio Seymour

Horatio Seymour Quotes

Did you know about Horatio Seymour?

5 million loan in a special election in February 1854. McClellan led many to seek out Seymour as an alternative before the governor made it clear that he would not be a candidate. Political career

Entry into politics
Seymour's first role in politics came in 1833 when he was named military secretary to the state's newly elected Democratic governor William L.

Horatio Seymour (May 31 1810 – February 12 1886) was an American politician. He was the 18th Governor of New York from 1853 to 1854 and from 1863 to 1864.

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