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James Connolly

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If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!

— James Connolly

#destroy #evoke #force #graves #imprison

The worker is the slave of capitalist society, the female worker is the slave of that slave.

— James Connolly

#capitalist society #female #slave #society #worker

Without the power of the Industrial Union behind it, Democracy can only enter the State as the victim enters the gullet of the Serpent.

— James Connolly

#democracy #enter #enters #industrial #only

About James Connolly

James Connolly Quotes

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Rethinking national marxism. Kostick Conor & Collins Lorcan. Dublin: Irish Academic Press.

He was born in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh Scotland to Irish immigrant parents and spoke with a Scottish accent throughout his life. James Connolly (Irish: Séamas Ó Conghaile 5 June 1868 – 12 May 1916) was an Irish republican and socialist leader. He left school for working life at the age of 11 but became one of the leading Marxist theorists of his day.

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