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James Forrestal

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By providing outstanding economic leadership, this country can wage its attack successfully - and can thereby build the foundations of a peaceful world.

— James Forrestal

#build #country #economic #foundations #leadership

A similar revolving fund could be set up for Germany, for a durable peace can rest only upon a Germany that, while militarily impotent, is industrially active.

— James Forrestal

#could #durable #durable peace #fund #germany

As in the war of 1941-45, our victory and our survival depend on how and where we attack.

— James Forrestal

#depend #how #our #survival #victory

For the only way in which a durable peace can be created is by world-wide restoration of economic activity and international trade.

— James Forrestal

#created #durable #durable peace #economic #economic activity

From 1941 to 1945 we won a war by enlisting the whole-hearted support of all our people and all our resources.

— James Forrestal

#our people #people #resources #support #war

If all Europe lies flat while the Russian mob tramps over it, we will then be faced with a war under difficult circumstances, and with a very good chance of losing it.

— James Forrestal

#circumstances #difficult #difficult circumstances #europe #faced

Moreover, the accomplishment of Russia's aims has been greatly simplified by the fact that we have heretofore offered the world no practical antidote for the Russian poison.

— James Forrestal

#aims #antidote #been #fact #greatly

There is a serious, immediate and extraordinarily grave threat to the continued existence of this country.

— James Forrestal

#country #existence #extraordinarily #grave #grave threat

This country cannot afford the deceptive luxury of waging defensive warfare.

— James Forrestal

#cannot #country #deceptive #defensive #luxury

About James Forrestal

James Forrestal Quotes

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If Forrestal's according to some intelligence sources then he could not scribble the word "nightingale" in the poem because it was the code name of the Ukrainian Nazi elite unit Nachtigall Brigade which Forrestal had helped to smuggle to the United States to supplant Kim Philby's failed ABN (Anti BolJames Forrestalvik Nationals) an MI6 Soviet émigré fascist group. Returning to Washington D. Menninger of the Menninger Clinic in Kansas was consulted and he diagnosed "severe depression" of the type "seen in operational fatigue during the war".

The conclusions noted only that Forrestal "died following a fall" and that the fall caused his death. On May 22 1949 he was found dead on the roof of a covered walkway below the window of a kitchen across the hall from his 16th floor room at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC commonly known as the Bethesda Naval Hospital) a bathrobe sash knotted tightly around his neck. Forrestal was hospitalized on April 2 1949.

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