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Jay Rockefeller

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Allowing the U.N. into Iraq will demonstrate to the Iraqis that the international community as a whole is committed to bringing stability and safety to their country.

— Jay Rockefeller

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Iran is nothing but trouble, and always has been that.

— Jay Rockefeller

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One year after the United States led the invasion of Iraq, the country remains extremely dangerous not only to our troops, but also to the stability of the world.

— Jay Rockefeller

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The president's economic plan doesn't do enough to create new jobs and that has to be a national priority. While there are some signs the economy is improving, it is not translating into jobs.

— Jay Rockefeller

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About Jay Rockefeller

Jay Rockefeller Quotes

Did you know about Jay Rockefeller?

He now serves as a member of the Committee taking on the role of Chairmanship at the Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation. On August 2 2007 the vote for reauthorization passed legislation by a strong bipartisan vote (68-31). The amendment was rejected 15 to 8 with five Democrats (Baucus Kent Conrad Blanche Lincoln Tom Carper Bill Nelson) and all Republicans voting no.

Rockefeller he is the only currently serving politician of the prominent six-generation Rockefeller family and the only Democrat in what has been a traditionally Republican dynasty. Rockefeller was later elected West Virginia Secretary of State in 1968 and was president of West Virginia Wesleyan College from 1973 to 1976.

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