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Jon Lord

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Deep Purple is a damn good band and we've made a niche in rock 'n' roll history. Maybe not a huge one but enough to be very proud of.

— Jon Lord

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Free form jazz means absolutely nothing to me. Because there are no boundaries.

— Jon Lord

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I love classical music; I love the way it's worked... all those chord sequences so I often use that sort of effect in my solos.

— Jon Lord

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Working against a restriction - for me - often produces greater things than getting rid of all boundaries.

— Jon Lord

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About Jon Lord

Jon Lord Quotes

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Singer Bryan Adams wrote online "RIP Jon Lord – incredible organist for Deep Purple one of my fave bands growing up" while veteran DJ Bob Harris said Lord was "a gentleman. The song is recorded in three parts: 1. In March 1974 Lord and Paice had collaborated with friend Tony Ashton on First of the Big Bands credited to 'Ashton & Lord' and featuring a rich array of session talent including Carmine Appice Ian Paice Peter Frampton and Pink Floyd saxophonist/sessioner Dick Parry.

Jonathan Douglas "Jon" Lord (9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012) was an English composer pianist and Hammond organ player known for his pioneering work in fusing rock with classical or baroque forms especially with Deep Purple as well as Whitesnake Paice Ashton & Lord The Artwoods and The Flower Pot Men. Together with the other members he collaborated on most of his band's most popular songs.

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