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Jonny Greenwood

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But I was in the Radiohead studio today and Phil was there drumming and Thom was there playing. We feel like we've only just stopped and already people are wanting us to carry on.

— Jonny Greenwood

#carry #drumming #feel #i #just

Everything I do feels like It's going to end up being in Radiohead.

— Jonny Greenwood

#end #everything #feels #going #i

I'm quite into listening to music and not doing anything else.

— Jonny Greenwood

#doing #else #i #into #listening

But over a period of time It's the melodic things that are in my head all day.

— Jonny Greenwood

#day #head #melodic #over #period

I remember when I was in my late teens just getting rid of lots of records, realizing I only ever listened to them when I was reading, or watching TV, or doing something else.

— Jonny Greenwood

#else #ever #getting #i #i remember

I suppose all of us - we have the old Protestant work ethic of feeling guilty when you're not working, and getting a buzz from feeling like you're really busy. That's the reason to sort of carry on.

— Jonny Greenwood

#buzz #carry #ethic #feeling #getting

I suppose subconsciously I was thinking in terms of having the scale of it matching the scale of the images. Hence the sort of string quartet, jazz band and electronic stuff.

— Jonny Greenwood

#electronic #having #hence #i #images

I think it should be ambitious and good music does deal with life and art and all these wonderful things.

— Jonny Greenwood

#art #deal #does #good #good music

I think It's a bit of a disappointment that a lot of people's Golden Age of music is still the '60s.

— Jonny Greenwood

#bit #disappointment #golden #golden age #i

It's kind of not about the quality of the art, as much as this is what I love doing and I'd have a worse time doing anything else. That's kind of as far as I think in terms of philosophy.

— Jonny Greenwood

#anything #art #as far as #doing #else

About Jonny Greenwood

Jonny Greenwood Quotes

Did you know about Jonny Greenwood?

Greenwood won the Radio 3 Listeners' Award at the 2006 BBC British Composer Awards for his piece "Popcorn Superhet Receiver". Greenwood composed the score for the 2007 film There Will Be Blood from director Paul Thomas Anderson. For a while Greenwood wore an arm brace due to a repetitive strain injury attributed to his "aggressive" way of playing the instrument often billed as "abusive guitar".

He is the younger brother of Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood. Beyond his primary roles as Radiohead's lead guitarist and keyboardist Greenwood is a multi-instrumentalist and also plays viola harmonica glockenspiel ondes Martenot banjo and drums and works with computer-generated sounds and sampling; he is also a computer programmer and writes music software used by Radiohead.

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