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Julian Barbour

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My ideas about time all developed from the realization that if nothing were to change we could not say that time passes. Change is primary, time, if it exists at all, is something we deduce from it.

— Julian Barbour

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The passage of time is simply an illusion created by our brains.

— Julian Barbour

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ISBN 0-8176-3823-7. According to physicist David Wiltshire at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand such a truly Machian or relational approach could explain the appearance of an accelerated expansion of the universe without invoking a causative agent such as dark energy. Scientific work by others bearing on Barbour's theories
Anderson Edward (2004) "Geometrodynamics: Spacetime or space?" Ph.

degree on the foundations of Einstein's general theory of relativity at the University of Cologne in 1968 Barbour has supported himself and his family without an academic position working part-time as a translator. Julian Barbour (born 1937) is a British physicist with research interests in quantum gravity and the history of science.

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