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Justin Guarini

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Jazz is not the format where I want to stay, but it really is a starting point for me.

— Justin Guarini

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There are a million things I can think of that I would I want to do. Reporting like you, would be one. A talk show host maybe, also. I want to do a lot.

— Justin Guarini

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There is a fine line between assertiveness and being relaxed.

— Justin Guarini

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They look at what's more important, like subjects to help with the SAT's, etc. They miss that music is vital. It offers a break from a stressful day of science and math and it's different.

— Justin Guarini

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When you have a very hot single there is no reason why it can't drive album sales. People fall off and come back on. I'm looking forward to coming back on with a vengeance.

— Justin Guarini

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About Justin Guarini

Justin Guarini Quotes

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He has also participated in raising funds for charities such as Habitat for Humanity Rockers on Broadway Broadway's Kitchen Sink Children's World Organization Foundation for Global Harmony and various children's hospitals across the country. Early life and career beginnings
Guarini's musical experience started at the age of four when he was accepted by the Atlanta Boy Choir. It was a dream almost come true at the time.

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