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Kim Il-sung

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The oppressed peoples can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history.

— Kim Il-sung

#confirmed #history #liberate #only #oppressed

It is wrong to try to avoid the struggle against imperialism under the pretext that independence and revolution are important, but that peace is still more precious.

— Kim Il-sung

#avoid #imperialism #important #independence #more

Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live.

— Kim Il-sung

#live #lived #lives #will

Otherwise, we will not be able to defeat the U.S. imperialists who boast of their technological superiority.

— Kim Il-sung

#boast #defeat #imperialists #otherwise #superiority

Peace secured by slavish submission is not peace.

— Kim Il-sung

#secured #slavish #submission

We are opposed to the line of compromise with imperialism. At the same time, we cannot tolerate the practice of only shouting against imperialism, but, in actual fact, being afraid to fight it.

— Kim Il-sung

#afraid #against #being #being afraid #cannot

About Kim Il-sung

Kim Il-sung Quotes

Did you know about Kim Il-sung?

He needed considerable coaching to read a speech the MVD prepared for him at a Communist Party congress three days after he arrived. Evidence suggests that Soviet intelligence through its espionage sources in the US government and British SIS had obtained information on the limitations of US atomic bomb stockpiles as well as defense program cuts leading Stalin to conclude that the Truman administration would not intervene in Korea. These include new year speeches and other speeches delivered on different occasions.

presidents fourteen UK Prime Ministers and twenty-one Japanese prime ministers. mil. From the mid-1960s he promoted his self-developed Juche variant of socialist organisation which later replaced Marxism-Leninism as the ideology of the state in 1972.

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