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Lev Yilmaz

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A lot of people feel that there is less artistry involved in cartoon making unless they have painstaking control of each frame.

— Lev Yilmaz

#cartoon #control #each #feel #frame

My mom had gotten a Super 8 camera to make home movies with, and my brother and me got our hands on it and ran with it.

— Lev Yilmaz

#camera #got #gotten #had #hands

One of the primary motivations for the series is that I never really felt that I was a person who could explain verbally what I thought all that well.

— Lev Yilmaz

#explain #felt #i #motivations #never

The same sort of thing was supposed to happen when performance animation was invented: Everybody thought it would save so much time. But it became its own niche altogether.

— Lev Yilmaz

#animation #became #everybody #happen #invented

When was the last time someone told you 'Look at the bright side of things' when you were depressed, and you actually paid attention to them? Maybe some people do, but I sure as hell don't.

— Lev Yilmaz

#attention #bright #depressed #hell #i

About Lev Yilmaz

Lev Yilmaz Quotes

Did you know about Lev Yilmaz?

He uses this online popularity to promote his books and DVDs which are sold from his personal website. In 2003 Yilmaz began to sell DVDs that contained some of his short comic films. In December 2010 "A Few of my Highschool Teachers" aired on Showtime.

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