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Mark Steyn

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The minute health care becomes a huge, unwieldy, expensive government bureaucracy it's a permanent feature of life and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

— Mark Steyn

#anyone #becomes #bureaucracy #care #expensive

Government health care changes the relationship between the citizen and the state, and, in fact, I think it's an assault on citizenship.

— Mark Steyn

#between #care #changes #citizen #citizenship

Mitt has a ton of consultants, and not one of them thought he needed a credible answer on Bain or taxes?

— Mark Steyn

#consultants #credible #mitt #needed #taxes

The Romney candidacy is better than it was four years ago, but it's not clear that it's good. Mitt needs to get good real fast: A real speech, real plan, real responses, and real fire in the belly.

— Mark Steyn

#belly #better #candidacy #clear #fast

We are the source of our problems not mysterious sinister foreigners overseas.

— Mark Steyn

#mysterious #our #overseas #problems #sinister

About Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn Quotes

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All that speaks very poorly for the federal justice system. Ingenious!"
Soon afterwards the head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission issued a public letter to the editor of Maclean's magazine. He left school in 1978 at 18 and worked as a disc-jockey before becoming musical theatre critic at the newly establiMark Steynd The Independent in 1986.

He is married with three children. Steyn a Canadian citizen now resides mainly in the US state of New Hampshire.

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