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Montel Williams

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As soon as we find a cure, we will utilize any of the donations to go toward providing medication to those who can't afford it. That is my goal.

— Montel Williams

#any #cure #donations #find #go

I don't know if anybody can second-guess what they will do on Capitol Hill.

— Montel Williams

#capitol #capitol hill #hill #i #know

I'll find places to grab as I walk and talk, sometimes even walking backwards because I have more control that way. People have no idea that I'm doing this.

— Montel Williams

#because #control #doing #even #find

If we get the donations, I think we're going to raise a significant amount of money; some will be used for some administered costs, but the public portion of that will go directly into grants.

— Montel Williams

#amount #costs #directly #donations #get

Is the U.S. better or is the world better? Is the U.S. better off today than we were four years ago? Obviously not, economically not. I think our stature in the world is not the same.

— Montel Williams

#better #better off #economically #four #i

Let's be careful when we start comparing American to European tolerance because there isn't necessarily a lot of European tolerance.

— Montel Williams

#be careful #because #careful #comparing #european

There was a time when the FCC tried to require a certain amount of television and media to be educational, a certain amount to be newsworthy and a certain amount of it to be public access.

— Montel Williams

#amount #certain #educational #media #public

About Montel Williams

Montel Williams Quotes

Did you know about Montel Williams?

Warner Books. He was offshore aboard ship during the invasion of Grenada. In 2004 he hosted American Candidate a political reality show on Showtime.

He is best known as host of the long-running The Montel Williams Show and more recently as a spokesperson for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). Montel Brian Anthony Williams (born July 3 1956) is an American television personality radio talk show host and actor.

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