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Peter Fenn

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A basic tenet of a healthy democracy is open dialogue and transparency.

— Peter Fenn

#democracy #dialogue #healthy #open #tenet

In the first 50 years of the filibuster, it was used only 35 times. But the last Congress alone had 112 cloture motions filed, plus threats of more. This is the tyranny of the minority.

— Peter Fenn

#congress #filed #filibuster #first #had

President Barack Obama has it right - there is a lot to change about Washington. The problem is, not much will get changed unless we confront the runaway filibuster in the U.S. Senate.

— Peter Fenn

#barack #barack obama #change #changed #confront

About Peter Fenn

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Peter Fenn was selected by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as a "Rising Star" as a political media consultant and as a "Mover and Shaker" in 1995. In addition to political campaigns they have aided clients such as General Motors Lockheed Martin 3M National Association of Realtors The Brookings Institution Purdue Pharma and the Humane Society of the United States in providing strategic communications advice and producing image and issue advertising. Academics
Peter Fenn has a B.

Peter H. Fenn (born December 12 1947) is a Democratic political strategist consultant television commentator and owner of Fenn Communications Group a political and public affairs media firm based in Washington DC in the United States.

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